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I invite you to shop The Rooted Hook Mercado, where beauty and wellness become one. Here you will find an assortment of high quality products that will nourish your body from the inside and out, enabling you to live that radiant and abundant life you so desire.
Organized Desk
Step-by-step sessions to assist and support existing and emerging companies establish a brand and marketing strategy. Sessions are tailored to the needs and timeline of the organization. 
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An invitation to my journal, which captures many of the greatest concepts and philosophies to achieve a lifestyle of good health and beauty. 
If you are looking for good energy and a good time my events are the perfect fit for you! Through my event platform I showcase wellness and beauty brands to provide an experience that leaves participants feeling empowered to live a healthy and beautiful life. You may find me on rooftops, conference rooms, breweries, beaches, city parks, hotel lobbies, spas, medical offices, art galleries, and just about anywhere and everywhere you may feel inspired. 
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Events: Wellness events are designed to take care of your greatest asset, your employees. 
  • Educational Workshops: Educational Workshops provide us the opportunity to showcase and highlight experts in the field of wellness and beauty and open up a conversation that provides motivation and inspiration to #livewell.
  • Pop Up Fitness Events, Spa, and Nutrition Events: Let’s have some fun and create relationships within our community as we come together for one common theme- to grow.